Things That Do and do not stress me out


1. Hopping onto moving freight trains

2. Trespassing in abandoned buildings

3. Trespassing in unabandoned buildings

4. Climbing into semitrucks with people I’ve never met

5. Telling the whole internet too many details about my sex life

6. Sneaking into the Yacht Club


1. Making simple plans to meet someone for coffee at a certain time

2. Returning phone calls. Or emails.

3. The prospect of finally going grocery shopping

4. Doing my laundry

5. Talking to first graders

6. Napping



2 thoughts on “Things That Do and do not stress me out

  1. Your Not Stressful list is impressive. I totally get your Stressful list, except for Nappung and Talking to First Graders. Of the latter, just ask them questions and engage them. They say amazing things.


  2. Viet Vet in Birmingham here. Wanted to say thanks for your nice note. Just discovered you blog and was most entertained…… have a way with words. Stay safe! Ron in Birmingham.


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