I don’t have to try to be cool now. I have a boat.

Sunday, September 7th

I bought a sailboat yesterday.

It doesn’t actually sail, I don’t actually know how to sail, but it definitely isn’t going to sink anytime soon, and it’s the most affordable place I’ve found to live in the East Bay.

Plus, though I haven’t yet decided if this is a good thing, people seem to automatically think I’m interesting because I live on a boat. In the last few days I have found myself in several conversations that seem to be going nowhere until I say where I live, at which point people seem to forget that I’ve been saying only very mundane things and decide I must not be as boring as I seem.

It’s convenient, not having to actually work to demonstrate that I’m a person worth knowing (that does raise questions about why I feel I have to prove my worth to others, doesn’t it? Why isn’t it enough for me to know I’m a badass?) But maybe it’s too convenient. The double whammy of “I live on a boat” and “I spent the last six months hitchhiking around the US” basically takes all the pressure off me to actually be an interesting person.

So, if I start getting boring, it’s probably a combination of no longer being on the road and having instant cool points. But, I’m going to keep updating this blog until I get so boring that even I’m bored of me.

And, guess what!? I have a boat! I’m so insanely excited about it, because I have never ever owned anything that is at all like a boat, and also because I think I might be able to make it sea-worthy again. Plus, Sweetheart and I are giving it a shot living together out here at the marina, and all of our neighbors are incredibly welcoming. This is definitely the most friendly and social neighborhood I’ve ever lived in.

Come visit?


11 thoughts on “I don’t have to try to be cool now. I have a boat.

  1. When I got back from traveling around Europe (right after college) for 6 weeks staying in hostels, with friends we met along the way and friends of various family connections, I thought I’d be relieved to be back to the comforts of home and ready to face the pursuit of a career job. I remember so well feeling depressed and resentful that I had to step into “the real world”. That nomadic life so far from what was familiar and routine had become my new comfort zone and I wanted desperately to go back, to avoid “getting a life”. I admire your pursuits and your ability to get out there and do it differently. You are terribly interesting!


    1. Yes! I completely relate. I am really trying to avoid that so-called “real world” and piece a living together doing things I at least don’t totally hate. Right now I’m working for my friends’ soup company occasionally, teaching chess, playing street music. I hope I can sustain myself! Thanks for your message šŸ™‚


      1. Sounds fun. It has been a while since I’ve been to the Bay Area. If the wind blows me that way I will definitely give you a shout. and if you happen to be in Portland, Oregon anytime until Halloween I am here until then with a nice cozy shack…but after that I’m in the wind again…

        I’m excited to read about your boat project. If you get it seaworthy again you will have a mobile house and will be a part of a thousands year old culture. Hobo culture is fascinating with a rich history, but seafaring culture stretches back to antiquity.

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        1. Yeah, I actually hadn’t really thought much about the history and culture that surrounds the boating world, but the marina does have a pretty amazing culture all its own. I’m excited to dig into that more as I start developing these skills.

          I just saw this project this weekend: http://peoplesriverhistory.us/blog/interactive-panorama-of-the-shantyboat/ and felt really inspired.

          I may just end up in Portland soonish; I’m trying to get back up to Boise in the next few months. I’ll let you know!

          ps, are you a facebooker? If so, it’s easier to keep in touch with me there https://www.facebook.com/lesldock


          1. ahh, no FB for me…I haven’t went down that scary rabbit hole yet! I have email though. johnwjpayne@gmail. If ya send me an email, I will send you my phone# by far the best way to reach me if you happen to come through here.

            Thanks for that link! Good stuff!

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