Day 116 — Falling in Love and Eating Boogers

Saturday, July 4th 3:47p.m.

Sweetheart and I are sitting on the bed in a romantic cabin, alone in the middle of the woods on a hill in Athens, Ohio, shooting Froot Loops out of our noses and into each others’ mouths. We found the Froot Loops in the dumpster behind CVS. 

Three days before I left California, I met and fell madly in love with Sweetheart, and for months we’ve been exchanging love letters and dreaming about meeting up to play music and ride trains and get to know each other. Finally, a few days ago, I borrowed a dilapidated van from our host and drove, overcome with anxiety and excitement, to the Greyhound stop to meet him. 

That first day, everything immediately felt easy and amazing, and we had awesome sex in the cabin before going skinny dipping in the reservoir down the road and cooking and sharing a delicious dinner. By day two, the awkwardness of our circumstance had caught up to us, and for a few days we’ve been stumbling around learning new things about each other.

Sweetheart thinks it’s very important to make the bed. I think recipes are a waste of time. We both think pancakes are the best. I’m better at Froot Loop shooting, Sweetheart is kicking my ass at fart tennis, and we’ve played three games of chess and are currently tied. 

But mostly I’ve been having a wildly fun time, having a dance party in the parking lot at the grocery store, playing music, making friends, and eating trash. The only bummer is we’re both covered in chigger bites!

*** Sorry dear blog readers, I’ve sent my laptop home so I may be posting rather sporadically, but stay tuned! I’ll try and post every week! ***


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