Day 99 – You know your life is cool when the one thing you forget to mention about your day is that you threw a TV off the balcony

Wednesday, June 18th 11:50p.m.

That happened. 

Right before I climbed into the abandoned grain silo my very drunk friend came by the porch I was sitting on in what she called a “hippy rage” and asked if anyone wanted to help her destroy her TV.

Apparently her penpal sweetheart, whom she had been excited to see all month, had paid her a disappointingly short visit. 

I’ve gotten into the habit of saying “yes” to almost everything, so of course I followed her. We drug the set (which had been in her backyard for a while) up the stairs, banging it on each step on the way up. It was late at night but luckily her roommates did not seem to be home. Out on the porch we took a breather, then lifted the set up onto the hand railing and pushed. 

TV bits flew everywhere. The thing exploded in every direction and the smash sounds echoed down the block.

It was the best thing I’ve seen on TV all year.



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