Day 68 – My Armpits Are Taken Over By Mutant Bacteria

Sunday May 18th, 10:10p.m.

I’m definitely gross.

I really have been trying to stay clean(ish), showering about as much as I do back home (about twice a week), but today I got out of the shower and realized that despite my scrubbing there were tiny crystals hanging from my armpit hairs. I asked Google what was happening to me and it told me that my armpits are being colonized by mutant bacteria. This is called trichomycosis axillaris. It’s adorable.

Okay, maybe not, but this is more adorable.

Right now I’m waiting for a rideshare to pick me up from Norman, Oklahoma to take me back west. One of the first places I stopped on this trip was Boise, Idaho, where I visited some of my best friends in the world and fell magically in love while standing in a dumpster. Over the last couple of months I’ve stayed in touch with this sweetheart, who drove all night while I was in South Dakota to come see me at the Lakota camp. Ever since he left, I’ve been daydreaming about getting back to see him again.

So tonight I’m heading to Boise.

I’ve really been needing to take a break and stop focusing so much on climate change, and visiting my second home is probably the best thing I could do to relax right now.

No one knows I’m coming. My rideshare is driving me for free, and we’ll drive all day and night to get there as soon as possible.

My heart is racing!



One thought on “Day 68 – My Armpits Are Taken Over By Mutant Bacteria

  1. Hey there adventure girl….decided to finally get a chance to read your blog after I txtd you last wknd was so very curious as to how life had been on the road. My heart is racing from reading about your hitchhiking and getting in the car with creepy guys. Thankful you are safe my friend ! I look forward to reading more of your blog…will see if you do end up back in SDAk this summer ?


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