Day 55 – Monday, May 5rd 7:31p.m.

Playing banjo in Nacogdoches is better than having a job. I mean, actually. I made $12 in an hour, and I don’t even really play banjo.

Now I’m sweltering in Austin, where I’m lucky if I can even sit outside for an hour without passing out. Without trying though, I made $4 today just for walking around with the banjo, looking sweaty. I played a song for some movie theater folks (this is actually the second time I’ve been asked to perform for bored theater workers) and then for a church guy, and they gave me some money. But the definite highlight of my day was the cooler of icy beer someone left on a street corner. I’m not sure if they left it out of kindness or drunkenness, but either way I’m grateful!

Right about this time I was also interviewed by Info Wars (the terrible Alex Jones show), which was roving the Austin streets asking the clearly objective question “don’t you think it’s absurd to ban the American flag for Cinco de Mayo?”. My response, which I’m sure they won’t use, was mostly confusion (I’m not even sure how one could ban flag), but also that flying an American flag on Cinco de Mayo sounds racist and intentionally aggressive. I also worked in something about genocide and capitalism, though I’m not really sure how I got there…Maybe I should get a rant-radio show?

So I’m kicking back here for a few days, trying to get my optimism back by playing banjo and reading books (although I’m starting to think Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee is not the best pick-me-up) and soon will be heading to Houston, to talk to more Tar Sands Blockade organizers. 

If I can survive the heat, that is. 



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