Day 37 – Wednesday, April 16th 4:13p.m.

It is hard to even start a post today because I feel like I have been taking in and synthesizing a simply overwhelming amount of information and wisdom from the people I’ve been speaking with this week. On that note, check out my first couple articles at!

I finally showered today for the first time in almost two weeks. I was covered in ash from my tipi’s wood stove and you could just see it rolling off me as I stood under the scalding hot water. I got a ride into the Rosebud Reservation today for the first time to wash up and visit the town. My driver, Paula, can identify each building by which agency built it and during what era. Even this tiny town is divided into neighborhoods. She points out a cluster of houses nestled in a canyon, she says this is derogatorily known as “Squaw Valley”. Just past there she points out “Low Rent”.

The night of the lunar eclipse I was jolted awake by a nightmare and ended up wandering (in sub-freezing temperatures) underneath the huge expanse of starry South Dakota sky. The stars were as impressive as the moon.

This is the longest winter on record here, and this morning the camp awoke to snow. We all huddled around the coffee-maker, breathing into cupped hands and trying to keep warm. The steam rising from our mugs leapt around in the wind.

It’s time now for me to head back to camp, but I’ll try to keep up with life. Hopefully we’ll get wifi out there soon.


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