It’s been a long week here in Missoula.

I’ve been sorting through my expectations and goals for this project, trying to figure out how to maintain the flexibility to be always learning and going in new directions with the work I want to put out while also being realistic and somewhat stable. I don’t know very much about video editing, but am hoping to maintain a video component to this multimedia project while also emphasizing the value of zines, print*, and oral history. One of the things that has changed for me is that I’ve realized in order to tell the stories I want to tell I need to be able to stay in communities longer than I have been. 

In a couple of days I’m going to be heading to South Dakota to participate in and document a prayer blockade set up in the way of the KXL pipeline by a coalition of indigenous groups, and I’m really excited to learn and share what is happening on the ground there. At the same time I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed. There is a lot of work to be done, funding is tight, my family is strained, I’m struggling to fully acknowledge my privilege in this project, and I am looking at the possibility of continuing the work I am doing alone. 

Nonetheless, I am looking forward to the road ahead, the challenges along the way and the lessons. Thanks for the incredible support I’ve gotten thus far. I hope I can create something worthy of it. 

*On that note, I got word today that the article we submitted to Slingshot was accepted so look for our piece in the next edition! 


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