Dumpster Christmas! – Day 7 – Monday, March 17th 3:35p.m.

This morning the house awoke to stockings full of bananas and oranges, boxes of cakes and cookies, and piles of slightly damaged produce under a MErry ChristmAs banner.

After a long and emotionally taxing day of processing (resulting in a tentative resolution for Matt and I), I was relaxing at the house I’m staying at here in Boise when someone suggested a dumpster run. I felt energized and enthusiastically volunteered to join my good friend Mason on what turned out to be the most epic trash adventure I have been on thus far.

I rode the cargo bike, a bike with a long rear end draped in giant panniers, and we set out for a new grocery store that has opened up here in town to scope out their trash bins. What we found was essentially a freegan Mecca. There was a dumpster full of food, but besides the dumpster were piles of boxes of just-expired products. There were at least seven boxes of bananas alone! We loaded up our panniers and backpacks with guacamole, tortillas, cupcakes, peppers, raspberries, strawberries, edamame, pasta, coconut milk, bagels, jalepenos, loaves of bread, burritos, cookies, sandwiches, etc. We made two trips, loaded down completely, and still could have come and gone 50 times without getting to the end of the food.


Our tiny kitchen is filled with goodies. Mason and I stuffed our socks with food and hung them under our little christmas sign and this morning I shared a dumpster christmas breakfast (mine was veggies stir-fry Matthew made, two chocolate cupcakes, a banana, and some naan) with some of my favorite people in the world.

And, in case it didn’t feel enough like Christmas, now it’s snowing!


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