Day 4 – Friday, March 14 8:47a.m.

Matthew is quitting smoking again, which means we’re giving each other a wide berth in attempt to avoid catastrophic conflict. Yesterday we tried to go shopping for re-formatted Linux computers at Portland’s awesome “Free Geek” shop, which was a total disaster.

As somehow neither Kickstarter nor learning to play banjo have proved successful get-rich-quick schemes yet, I don’t actually have the money for some crucial equipment, like the computer that would allow us to work together on videos we are editing in Shotcut, an open-source video editing program. Nor do I have a camera. But I have faith these things will come.

The intense frustration over our mismatched equipment led Matthew and I to part ways for much of the afternoon yesterday, which meant I spent most of the day getting lost (another mismatch is I do not have a smartphone with magic mapping properties). Fortunately, while lost, I stumbled upon Right to Dream Too (R2D2), a direct action homeless encampment and shelter in downtown Portland. I struck up a conversation with one of the residents, Brad, who showed me around the camp.

I was impressed.

There are 15 full-time residents in R2D2 but another hundred welcomed in each night to their shelter. They have blankets and warm clothes for people without, a full kitchen, and an info/security desk right up front. According to Brad, there is a board of homeless advocates who make decisions about how to run this space. Brad knew about the Albany Bulb, and asked me to pass on support from his camp to people living there. I left there feeling pretty inspired and also really missing the Bulb.

I then went and finished someone’s coffee at the cafe in Powell’s Bookstore (for the sake of hitting up the tourist spots) before heading out to meet Matthew again to do some interviews with Portland Rising Tide organizers. The interviews were great; stay tuned for a video update about resistance to fossil fuel terminals in the Pacific Northwest.

Now I’m looking forward to my dumpstered bagel breakfast.


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