DAY 2 — Wednesday, March 12 11:15p.m.

Finally made it to Portland. No money. Racked with hunger, we decide to hunt squirrel.

Just kidding.

On a tight budget today, I insisted I wasn’t going to spend money on food but would instead scavenge what I could from free programs and dumpsters here in Portland (if I can’t do it here where can I do it?). We found out about this incredible thing called “Free Porch”, which is exactly what it sounds like: a porch littered with free food, clothes, books. Produce was to be delivered to the porch at 5p.m., so Matthew and my whole day was centered around the pick-up time. By the time we were finally able to grab food (a bag of potatoes, a bunch of bananas, two loaves of bread, and many more goodies) Matthew had almost gone mad with anticipation.

Dinner was phenomenal.

But our grumbling bellies weren’t the only source of the day’s drama. Yesterday we caught a rideshare straight up to Portland from Berkeley, stopping only to take a sobering dip in the pitifully thirsty Lake Shasta, which is visibly shrunken with the drought. We got in late last night and are now staying with a hometown friend of mine and his housemates, who have all been incredibly accommodating. They’ve graciously listened to us rant about fossil fuel extraction, lent us bicycles and maps, made lists of cool things to do while we’re here, and put us in touch with Rising Tide activists we hope to interview.

Rather than actually explore Portland though, we spent much of today finally launching our Kickstarter campaign and obsessively promoting it, haunting the Free Porch, and lurking in the music shop.

Because today is the much anticipated day that I finally {drumroll} bought a banjo! I’ve been talking about doing this for over a year, so it was momentous, believe me. Unfortunately, Matthew and I did not get rich quick busking, mostly because I don’t actually know how to play banjo yet. But that’s what all this is about anyway, learning new things, building new skills, making the world better.

Anyway, it’s the little things.


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